RIDE Twinpig 2020

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“ Piggy Jump ”

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Act Snowboarding
19.0 /20
Publisher Act Snowboarding
Publisher's category Freestyle
Brand RIDE
Model Twinpig
Score 19.0 / 20
Award Ace of Act Ace of Act

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The personality of this asymmetrical twin lies in its shorter but supple tips that are playful and poppy. The grip is close to that of the Warpig, incisor at the centre.

It is the most freestyle of the pig gang; you could consider it to be a Warpig for doing flats. This twin thus has a dual flex, a little less marked, a little more flexible than the other Pig boards. This allows it to have support more spread over the centre than the Warpig, further reinforcing its compactness to gain in pivoting and rotation. It is very lively, energetic, and effective in recovery from short presses. The profile of the tips allows you to seek presses very far away, almost at the end of the board. More playful than the Warpig, these tips provide a fast pop and very jib reactions. The asymmetry cannot be felt; it simply makes it possible to better round off backsides and provides a little more liveliness. It is the best possible incarnation of the very short board offering the curved performance of a board 10 centimetres larger.


Dominant Programme PARK/JIB FREESTYLE
Profile HYBRID ROCKER (flat centre + tip rocker)
Stiffness Index
6 / 10
Flex Dual centred flex

Flex Distribution

Size Reviewed 151.0 cm
Tip Width 31.4 cm
Waist Width 26.3 cm
Tail Width 31.4 cm
Setback 0.0 mm
Bearing Edge 111.0 cm
Weight 2860.0 g
Build 65-85 kg
Available sizes 142; 148; 151; 157; 156w cm

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9 / 10
10 / 10
7 / 10
Powder Snow
5 / 10

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Act Snowboarding
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  • Launched in 2009

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