Manage your presence on the review websites

A public ready to buy !

Internet users who come from another review website have clicked on a “where can I buy this product?” link and are generally at the purchase decision stage.

Boost your product sales arguments

Use the widget on your listing pages to insert the review scores and awards and boost your conversion rate.

The best customer acquisition cost on the market: 4%!

The audience's very high rating allows us to obtain a cost-to-sales generated ratio of 4% instead of 15% for traditional customer-acquisition solutions (Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.).

Fully automated management

Upload your feed to match the products tested, manage stock-outs, insert review content on your pages... Everything is automated! You just have to select and configure the reviews you want to use, insert a few lines of code into your website... and follow the results on your dashboards.

Review publishers

Boost your income and your visibility

Boost your income

We insert links on your website to earn you extra cash. Speak to your GEARSCORE advisor to agree on the cost per click.

Get international coverage of your website content

We translate and export your content to other European markets under your brand name, generating additional turnover for you.

Grow your audience and your reputation

Your brand and the links to your content are inserted on a) retailers’ websites b) sports gear manufacturers’ websites c) foreign websites.

Protect your activity

The ContentRedirect™ technology enables you to protect your activity (internet or print) on your traditional market. For instance, if you publish a ski review magazine in France, any French internet user trying to view the content of your reviews in another language will automatically be redirected to your magazine's product purchase page on your website.

Sports blogs and websites

Get returns from your reviews

Get a return from your reviews

Add a "Where can I buy this product?" section on your review pages, earn money and help your readers.

Attract significant traffic volume

The worldwide GEARSCORE websites redirect internet users interested in the products you reviewed.

Include the best special offers

Add sections that list the best special offers relative to your sports discipline, earn money and build your readers loyalty.

Easy to set up

A few lines of code are sufficient to automatically add the retailers' offers. An interface that gives you your results and revenue in real time

Sports gear manufacturers

Optimize the impact of your reviews on sales

Include scores and awards on your product pages

Just choose your selection criteria and add a few lines of code to your website to insert a widget “reviewed by...” that will highlight the scores and/or awards on your product presentation page.

In-store advertising

To grow your in-store sales, you can choose from a range of models to print labels and stickers that feature the scores and/or awards obtained. More to come.

Sports activities

Broad market coverage


Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, mountain bike, camping, paragliding...

Water sports

Windsurfing, surfing, kiteboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, SUP, canoeing-kayaking...

Ball sports

Tennis, squash, badminton, golf, football...

Various sports

Cycling, paintball, roller-skating, skating, body building, fitness...

International coverage

A tool to develop your activity abroad


France, Italy, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal...

North America

USA, Canada...


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