Review : Downhill Skis

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Review : Downhill Skis
Publisher : NeveItalia
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The NEVEITALIA website was created in 2007, based on an idea that Angelo Bonorino had in 2004, a year when the total absence of snow and high temperatures made even man-made snow impossible. 10 years after its launch on the web, the enthusiasm and hard work put into the reviews has made NEVEITALIA a ski review benchmark.

Review methodology

The skis selected for the review are tested in all snow conditions and on all types of terrain, including spring snow, crud and powder. The Allround skis are reviewed on hardpack for example, while the Racecarver GS SLs are reviewed on groomed runs or spring snow.

Categories reviewed

Are you a Slalom enthusiast, or do you prefer Giant slalom skis or Allround skis to ride the pistes in all snow conditions? Do you prefer Freeride over pistes, or are you a Park&Pipe tricks fan? Whatever the case, our buyers guide will help you to discover the best brand-name skis.


The skis are tested by a balanced team of reviewers made up of top-flight professionals, athletes, ski instructors, but above all, experienced skiers.


NEVEITALIA does have commercial and/or advertising relations with other brands, but always maintains its independence when reviewing the products.

Business model

The NEVEITALIA review is paid for through clicks on links (managed by the Gearscore B2B Services platform) by cybersurfers interested in a ski and redirected to the retailers. The website also manages display campaigns, and editorial project and sponsoring campaigns.

Date and location

The NEVEITALIA Ski Reviews are organised annually in the resorts of Pila, Prato Nevoso and Pampeago in Italy.

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