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Publisher NeveItalia
Review 2019 skis
Publisher's category Race Carve Slalom
Brand Blossom
Score 15.1 / 20

Testers' Ratings

In the Race Carve Slalom category, Blossom presented the Performance Flere, a ski that our reviewers especially enjoyed for its manoeuvrability, which makes skiing fun in all situations.

The ski has good edge grip and is "nice to ski and very easy for slicing turns," Michele Landini wrote. "Fun and responsive in tight and even medium turns," Stefano Casalino told us. Alex Favaro was impressed by the precision and stability of the Italian ski's shape that’s “perfect for true slalom skiing." It's very easy to handle, also thanks to the "slalom structure," Mattia Amato said.

However, according to Andrea Leali, it tends to be physically tiring when you use it all day because "it's only good if you have enough strength to handle it" Mattia Amato explained, and for some skiers like Tiziano Riva, in short radius turns, it tends to jump, which Ginevra Gentile said was because "it catches slightly at the end of the turn."

It's a "very responsive and precise ski, even at high speed, with excellent manoeuvrability," the coach Tiziano Riva, told us. Above all, for riders who can push it hard without necessarily searching for racing performance, it’s great fun.


Matches the profile
3.9 / 5
4.1 / 5
Edge grip
3.9 / 5
4 / 5
3.7 / 5
Tighter turns
3.9 / 5
Medium turns
3.7 / 5
Long-radius turns
2.8 / 5
4.2 / 5
3.6 / 5


Manufacturer's remarks

Designed for high level skiers, this ski has the same build and structural characteristics as racing skis, but are a bit easier thanks to a different side cut with a strong central core, stability and dampening of chatter. The main characteristic is a strong and agile sidecut that makes the ski fun and very lively. The Flere’s turn radius gives great manoeuvrability that's perfect for all downhill rides. This ski is designed for tiger-level skiers that want a stable and precise tool. A versatile ski, suitable for short to medium radius turns, with fast edge grip and good carving qualities.

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